Throughout the year, we hold many social events, shows and trips which are available for you to come along to. These can be simple dance social nights where you can dance the night away, to full out dance shows where we invite some of the country's top dancers to come and perform for you.


Social events are not only a great way to get up and put the moves you have learned into practice but also to socialise with other class members and have lots of fun. We usually have a buffet and bar on at such events with plenty of opportunities to dance, as well as learn new dances during themed workshops. We will give you plenty of notice as to when these events take place.


We also occassionaly go on dance trips which again are a great social and great fun. One such trip was to Blackpool, where we danced at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom at the tea dance before going to the Winter Gardens to watch the best couples in the world compete against each other.